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MBA Admissions

The MBA admissions process can be a daunting task for many potential applicants. Recommendations, essays, interviews, test scores: each piece of your application is crucial to gain admission to the business school of your choice.

MBA admissions interview with UC Davis
MBA Admissions
02 Sep 2015

Weighing up your options for an MBA in California? Kathleen Gleed outlines the MBA admissions process at UC Davis and offers some advice to candidates.

TOPMBA MBA Admissions by date
McCombs School interview
26 Aug 2015

Looking to apply to UT Austin’s McCombs School? Stephen Sweeney, director of full-time MBA admissions at the school provides some guidance.

MBA admissions interview with Ohio State University
19 Aug 2015

Ohio State University’s Julee Conrad, assistant director of MBA admissions at the Max Fisher College of Business, outlines the application process. 

MBA applicants
13 Aug 2015

Our annual research report looks at the career goals, study plans and demographics of MBA applicants around the world.

MBA admissions interview with Kellogg
12 Aug 2015

Targeting the Kellogg School? In this Q&A, Kellogg’s MBA admissions team offers guidance on what they are, and are not, looking for in a candidate.

MBA admissions interview with Boston University
05 Aug 2015

BU Questrom’s Meredith Curtin Siegel underlines the value of knowing how you intend to make the most of your MBA experience in this interview.

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