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China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

The CEIBS MBA programme, with a strong emphasis on global and China business along with responsible leadership, is designed to prepare talented young people with ambitious career aspirations to attain leadership positions within the new world economy. Our motto "China Depth, Global Breadth" reflects the fact that no other business school in China knows global business like CEIBS, and no other international business school understands China as CEIBS does.        

Some of the programme's main features include:

*Diverse World-Class Faculty

CEIBS holds a diverse faculty with 1/3 local, and 2/3 of our professors originating from over a dozen countries.  Our educators have a solid reputation in China-focused business management expertise. A large majority of them both live in China as well as consult local and multinational companies based out of the country. Their approach is unique, in that their research and teaching combines leading-edge international theories and practices along with contemporary China relevant business issues.

* Elite Student Body

CEIBS boasts of an exceptional group of students from over 30 countries and has the most diversified student body (35% international students in our 2012 intake) among mainland Chinese business schools. Diversity among the students is a foundation of the CEIBS experience, both inside and outside of the classroom.  Our goal is to broaden our students' horizon, open up their thinking, and help them improve their cross-cultural understanding and communication.

* Outstanding Alumni Network

CEIBS boasts the largest and most comprehensive alumni network among business schools in Mainland China. In 2012, the school had attained more than 12,000 alumni across China and the world – included in the group are more than 1500 CEOs.  Alumni form a very strong element of the school community, and every year the CEIBS Alumni Association helps bring together our graduates and industry leaders by organizing regular seminars, workshops, clubs, and reunions.

* Integrated Curriculum

Our curriculum balances theory and practice, hard skills and soft skills, as well as global perspectives and local understanding. By encouraging independent thought, teamwork, collaboration and interactive communication in the classroom, CEIBS provides students with the complete toolkit for success in their future careers.

Students can choose between three concentrations:  General Management, Finance, and Marketing.  In addition there are also a variety of Entrepreneurship courses on offer. Courses include a set of core classes the first year, and a variety of electives during the second year of studies.  They are supplemented by two "hands-on" projects - the Integrated Strategic Project and the Responsible Leadership Project, where students can test what they have learned during the year by applying their new skills on real-life business issues facing the corporate world, as well as our society and environment.

Non-Chinese speaking students are required to learn Chinese and pass the CEIBS Chinese Language Assessment to facilitate their MBA study and future career in China.

* International Exchange Partnerships

CEIBS has partnered in exchange programs with over 30 leading business schools, most which form part of the Financial Times Global Top-50 list.  Students have the option to go on an exchange during the Fall term of their second year of studies.

* Activities Beyond the Classroom

A plethora of extracurricular activities exist at CEIBS - International business school competitions and simulations, student-run conferences and forums, clubs, functions, and parties. Some notable activities include, The Being Globally Responsible Conference (BGRC), The Green Campus Initiative, Entrepreneurial Challenge, INNOVATEChina, and  Shanghai Night.  Business related events include China Discovery Week, Global Business Competitions, Mentoring Programme, Responsible Leadership Project, and many others.

There are more than 35 clubs on offer at the school covering sports, business and leisure.  In addition, a large variety of networking opportunities are offered throughout the year, which include our Executive Forum Series, Seminars, Business Angel Forums, etc.

* Catapult Your Career

The CEIBS Career Service Office serves the career needs of our students, and holds an outstanding record in career placement after graduation.  As a benefit of China's booming economy, a variety of high paying career options exist for graduates in a variety of industries and functions.  Activities such as our annual Career Fair, Career Treks, Mock-Interviews and coaching, as well as a variety of lectures on career issues, compliment the services that they offer, to assist our students in attaining their desired job and career path upon graduation.


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