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Indian Institute of Management (IIM) - Ahmedabad

One of the top business schools in the world, the Indian institute of Management, Ahmedabad, better known as IIMA, brings together great minds, nurtures talent and educates leaders of enterprises. Initially mentored by Harvard Business School, IIMA has carved a niche over the last 50 years - and is now one of the top Global B-Schools.

As per the latest ranking by The Economist, IIMA is the no. 1  School in the world on the parameter of opening up new career opportunities for students. As per Financial Times' Global MBA Ranking 2015, IIMA is no. 2 in the world on the parameter of the career progression of its alumni.

However, we look at good rankings as the result of achieving our goals, rather than the goal itself. Our goal, for the past 50 years, has been to provide an excellent educational experience that prepares our students as leaders of enterprises - and the success of our students, the research output of our faculty, the awards and recognition that we receive, extoll the virtues of the culture of IIMA.

School Snapshot:

  1. Minimum GMAT Score: 650
  2. Total Tuition Fees: 50,000 USD [2 years]
  3. Class Strength: 400
  4. Length: 22 months
  5. Female: 30%
  6. Years of Work: Not compulsory but desirable


'Vidya Viniyoga Vikas', or the application of knowledge to push the boundaries of human development through efficient management, as translated from the sanskrit script, has been the core value of IIMA. 

IIMA has been true to its founders’ guiding principle and played pivotal role in India’s development over the last five decade. Be it as corporate leaders, policy-makers, change-agents or as academics, the IIMA community has made a disproportionate impact in all fields.


By all standards, India's future looks bright. Its economic growth is among the fastest in the world. Its top technology colleges set global standards. India is producing far more world-class companies than many other countries. Indian firms have two-thirds of the global market in offshore IT services and nearly half of that in BPO. At present, India's focus is expanding its manufacturing base - which creates enormous opportunities for growth.

Its huge potential market of 1.1 billion people, its wealth of English-speakers and democratic institutions has helped India secure a niche in the world economy.

The country is now seen as half of an “India-China” pairing that is transforming the global economy. This shift is not as extraordinary as it first seems. A historical perspective shows it to be the restoration of the old order. After all, China and India were the world's biggest economies until the mid-19th century. The question is no longer whether India can fly, but how high.

IIMA: Educating Leaders of Enterprises

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