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School of Management, Boston University

Graduate School of Management Changing people, organizations, and the world To a degree, all business schools teach similar skills. But the learning environment and the underlying philosophy are what separate Boston University School of Management from the others. We’re passionate about educating leaders who focus on adding value—to their organization, their community, and the world. We’re seeking students who want their lives’ work to be meaningful, and we’re dedicated to making their education the most relevant can be. Best of all, we provide a multitude of pathways to get there. The School is placing increasing research and teaching emphasis on three sectors of vital importance to effective global leadership in the 21st century: health & life sciences, digital technology, and social enterprise & innovation. Points of intersection between these sectors provide exceptional opportunities for ground-breaking research and classroom learning. We strive to optimize your preparation for a fast-changing world. We’re seeking students who embrace a culture of innovation, cooperation, and willingness to change. Our goal is clear: to prepare our graduates to be every recruiter’s first choice. We’re educating executives to shape the future, and create value for the world.


Executive MBA

Boston University Executive MBA Program see program details

Part Time MBA

Professional Evening MBA Program see program details

Full Time MBA

Boston University - School of Management, Two-Year Full Time MBA see program details
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