Deciding on an Executive MBA

For working professionals with 6 or more years of work experience, an Executive MBA  (EMBA) program is the perfect option to pursue a part-time MBA focused on leadership, hone your business and management skills, and move your career to the next level. Distinguish yourself with an Executive MBA.

Choosing EMBA

Choosing EMBA

Choosing EMBA - Unsure about diving into an EMBA? Read our advice.

QS TopExecutive Guide - Alumni interviews, industry trends and program profiles.

Executive MBA Admissions

EMBA Admissions

Admissions advice - Getting accepted onto your chosen program.

QS TopExecutive Passport - Workbook to guide you through the admissions process.

Management and Business Skills

EMBA Management and Business Skills

Management and Business Skills - Articles from top business schools and writers on improving your management skills.

Meet Admissions Officers and Alumni

EMBA fair

QS World Executive MBA Tour - Meet admissions officers and alumni face-to-face.

Executive Alumni - Testimonies from those who've lived the EMBA experience.

Financing your program

Financing your EMBA

Financing advice - The ROI of an EMBA is exceptional but the initial investment will be a major consideration.

Women and the Executive MBA

 Women and the Executive MBA

Women and EMBA - An Executive MBA can be even more of a juggling act for women who may have to balance work, study and family commitments.

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