ESMT Diversity Scholarship

Scholarship for ESMT
Value: €13,000
Recipient(s): 1
Level: MBA
Deadline: 30 Sep 2019


Attend a QS event and apply for ESMT`s MBA program. 

This scholarship is designed to identify an applicant with 3+ years of international working experience, a diverse personal or professional background who is interested in earning a general management degree focusing in innovation of technology or sustainability and who has a minimum 650 GMAT score. This scholarship is for an applicant who wishes to study a full-time, 12 month MBA program at ESMT.

Value of the Scholarship:

Number of Recipients:

30th of September 2019

Essay Topic:
Describe one event from your professional life where you challenged mainstream thought in a group setting. Describe the outcome, where it be positive or negative (max. 300 words)


Written by Stefan Ungureanu

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