ESSEC Future Leader Scholarship

Scholarship for ESSEC Business School
Value: up to €20,000
Recipient(s): Multiple
Level: MBA
Deadline: 15 Mar 2019

In conjunction with QS, ESSEC Business School offers a generous scholarship of up to 20,000€ (30,500 SGD) to the winner of an essay contest.

To qualify, all applicants must attend a QS event, and prepare an essay of about 500 words, with the following topic:

"Describe how you have so far demonstrated excellence in leadership"

Before you submit:  Do remember to include your name and email in your essay! 

Essays without name and contact information will be disqualified. 

This scholarship is awarded to those who demonstrate the strongest leadership potential through their essay.  A strong admissions file, and financial need are also factors for consideration.


15th March 2019

15ht May 2019


Written by Stefan Ungureanu

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