Rochester -Bern Scholarship

Scholarship for Rochester -Bern
Value: CHF5000
Recipient(s): Multiple
Level: MBA
Deadline: TBA

To be eligible to apply for this scholarship applicants must have attended a QS World MBA Tour/QS World Executive MBA Tour/QS Connect 121 and have completed the QS Applicant Survey.


We offer a scholarship for exceptionally qualified individuals who are not financially supported by their employer.


Value: CHF5,000 

Application deadline: TBA


Candidate requirements:

  • middle- or senior-level manager with the potential for taking on increased responsibilities within their organization
  • academic or equivalent background and at least 5 years management experience OR 10+ years of managerial and leadership experience
  • convincing character with a team spirit
  • ability to set priorities and balance family, job, and studies
  • fluency in English


The program is designed for executives from different backgrounds and from all industries, i.e. managers, but also engineers, doctors, bankers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, marketing or sales experts, etc. and who represent  the corporate environment, non-profit organizations or the public administration. The diversity of profiles in the classroom as well as the exchange with each other are important characteristics of our program.


Scholarship requirements:

  • One-page essay on personal challenges in an executive role
  • Attendance at Open Day
  • Copy of the further education agreement with employer
  • CV in English


Note: Please indicate at the beginning of your essay the title of the scholarship you are applying for.

Business schools that provide QS scholarships are responsible for evaluating all the scholarship applications and identify the winners themselves.

For any guidance or queries regarding the scholarship application process, please refer to our application guidelines, which also contain the relevant contact details if your concern is not addressed by the answers within.

Written by Stefan Ungureanu

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