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Beat the GMAT with QS LEAP

By I'm Anirudh Ganguly

Updated August 11, 2016 Updated August 11, 2016

Online test prep has traditionally focused on isolated personal learning, via asynchronous learning mechanisms. This focus has meant that global test prep products have had a somewhat limited scope, as these are learning methods that generally require application over a prolonged period of time. But, this means there’s space for disruption from a larger and hybrid design framework – and that’s where QS LEAP, our new, free test prep platform, comes into the equation.

Learning can take place in two ways – synchronous and asynchronous. At school, we engage in synchronous learning, a learning environment where everyone participates at the same time. Asynchronous learning takes place in isolation, at a pace and over a timescale largely determined by the learner (though there may be an upper limit). A distance learning program is a good example. 

When preparing for a test like the GMAT, candidates are largely limited to asynchronous learning platforms and resources. Most of these are designed around the idea that people learn in a linear way. However, neither learning nor the GMAT are linear, therefore there is plenty of scope for something better.

That something better is QS LEAP. How does it work? Well, this is what it offers:

  • Guided and adaptive test prep and learning modules, which are linked to a customized personal study schedule
  • Access to the preparation progress of other candidates from across the globe, on a real-time basis
  • Access to GMAT prep experts
  • Feedback and advice from other candidates and friends to help you improve critical areas for higher scores

A new global test prep paradigm

QS LEAP is the world's first global-scale social and free test prep platform to offer these elements. Alongside carefully developed personal learning mechanisms, you also get access to the social feeds of other candidates, and can monitor their study schedules and the progress they’re making.

Preparing for the GMAT was never so exciting. LEAP allows you to prepare with relative ease, motivating you to get better at key concepts and critical success areas. You can subscribe to study groups, either tied to your home nation or a target institution. This will help you to network with people who are also preparing for the GMAT this year and with whom you share a study goal.

With QS LEAP, you also gain access to official news channels, articles, and organizations like GMAC and Stacy Blackman Consulting.

LEAP has been created to connect aspiring candidates to real learning. You may never have to pay for your GMAT prep again!

This article was originally published in June 2015 . It was last updated in August 2016

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Soumik is the chief architect of LEAP. He is a published author in the field of higher education recruitment and research. He previously served at the helm of the world's first massive online community for MBA education.