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TOPMBA Applicant Survey by date
Discover the aspirations of MBA applicants around the world

The MBA Applications and Aspirations Report explores the responses from thousands of MBA applicants around the world who took part in the most recent QS TopMBA.com Applicant Survey.

A row of world flags

In which countries are potential MBAs looking at studying the qualification? Our latest report has found the top 10 destinations for students this year.

Slideshow exploring MBA salaries and salary expectations around the world

In this visual commentary on the new QS TopMBA.com Applicant Survey 2015, we’re exploring MBA salaries and salary expectations around the world.

TOPMBA Applicant Survey by date
Simon Business School seeks greater appeal by slashing tuition

Simon Business School provides a rare example of a US business school reducing tuition in an attempt to increase its appeal among applicants.

Prospective MBA students and target industries

Almost half of all MBA applicants worldwide are interested in joining the consulting industry, but is this where the most MBA jobs are to be found?

Which US business schools produce the highest-paid MBA alumni?

Alumni of 17 US business schools indicate mid-career MBA salary averages that are in excess of applicants’ target figure in PayScale report.

MBA salary targets versus reality

In which countries are applicants targeting MBA salary figures that are close to the reality on offer, and in which locations are they way off?

MBA salary levels and applicant expectations

What MBA salary levels do prospective MBA students hope to achieve on graduation and how large is the gap between expectation and reality?