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Studying an MBA

More people are taking online courses after their MBAs to stay relevant in a fast-moving jobs market. But how do you ensure that continuous education interweaves with your career goals? 

Studying an MBA

Wondering how to get the most out of your MBA? Read our top tips.

case study or academic approach

The case study method, pioneered by Harvard Business School, has long been prevalent in the MBA. But is it time for a new approach?

TOPMBA applying MBA learning by date
Women in Business: Tech Careers main image

Why are more women in business pursuing tech careers? Silicon Valley’s improved work-life balance is just one reason women are turning away from Wall Street.

top five

What are the top-five study destinations identified by prospective MBA students in the QS Applicant Survey and why they are so popular?

What is an MBA?  main image

What is an MBA? And what does MBA stand for, anyway? We demystify the MBA program in this guide to the MBA degree. 

business ethics

Top MBA talks about the role business students can play to help tackle global issues.

healthy lifestyle business

A healthy lifestyle has innumerable benefits for students getting an MBA degree. So how can you make sure you stay healthy while studying for an MBA degree?