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TOPMBA digital innovation by date
GISMA Business School

Digital Transformation and Process Management are important in business and education. We spoke with Dr Gabriela Whitehead, Head of Digital Transformation and Process Management at GISMA Business School to find out why.


The 'New Normal': Why Digital Skills Matter More Than Ever main image

As working from home becomes the new normal for millions around the world, we take a look at why it’s essential for so many to possess the digital skills needed to succeed. 

New Decade, New Learning: How the 2020s Will Change B-School Teaching main image

New decades always bring on changes. From MOOCs, digital courses and video games, take a look at some new teaching methods that might reshape education in the 2020s. 

TOPMBA digital innovation by date
Business Schools to Rethink Entrepreneurial Education main image

At QS' Re:Imgine Education conference, three experts on entrepreneurship discuss what it means to be an entrepreneur in the digital age and why business schools need to keep up with changes in the marketplace. 

Georgetown McDonough Plans Digital Revolution main image

Newly-appointed dean Paul Almeida has big plans for the Washington DC-based business school. But balancing innovation with the university’s cultural and religious traditions will be his greatest challenge.