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The 'New Normal': Why Digital Skills Matter More Than Ever main image

As working from home becomes the new normal for millions around the world, we take a look at why it’s essential for so many to possess the digital skills needed to succeed. 

New Decade, New Learning: How the 2020s Will Change B-School Teaching main image

New decades always bring on changes. From MOOCs, digital courses and video games, take a look at some new teaching methods that might reshape education in the 2020s. 

How are business schools preparing students to work alongside AI?

The next generation of business leaders will need a new set of digital skills to be able to work alongside AI.

TOPMBA digital learning by date
Find out why education must become a lifelong pursuit and not end upon completion of your MBA

The MBA degree is by no means the end of your education. Business schools are striving to ensure graduates learn for a lifetime

The Online MBA that Places Disruptive Thinking at its Core

University of Aberdeen Business School introduces its MBA (Global), a new breed of online MBA designed for a new, forward thinking breed of managers.