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From Social Media to The Textbook: How Influencer Culture Will Shape Business Education main image

As influencer marketing takes over social media, business schools are trying to keep up with constant innovations in the field. We explore what the future of business education looks like in the era of #sponsored content. 

What Will the 2020s Mean for Business? main image

It's the start of a new decade - but what will this mean for the future of business? We've taken a look at what the 2020s could bring.

“Cuba has undergone drastic economic changes in the last several years,” said Rebecca Bellinger, who led a recent University of Maryland trip to Cuba

Recent faculty trip by the University of Maryland illustrates academic interest in the US for learning about realities of doing business in Cuba.

TOPMBA emerging markets by date
ESSEC Business School's campus in Singapore

Four participants in ESSEC Business School’s Global MBA program discuss their reasons for pursuing the degree and what they hope to achieve.

Dual-degree options for INCAE Business School's MBAs

Those who complete a one-year MBA at Latin America’s INCAE Business School can now combine it with an MPA from the University of Michigan.

luxury brand marketing

The luxury brand market is in rude health. Accordingly, more and more MBAs are looking to enter the industry through specialized programs.


New emerging economies like Colombia are challenging the dominance of the BRICSs.

FSFM developing countries

The Frankfurt School of Management's work in developing countries serves the dual purpose of furthering the cause of business there and creating MBA opportunities.