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New Georgetown McDonough Dean Hopes to Build Community main image

Meet Paul Almeida, the new dean at the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business, who hopes to inspire students in the Jesuit tradition by building community.

Education Innovation: Queen’s University Belfast Aims to Offer the MBA of the Future main image
by Temoor I.

To learn more about how the MBA is changing in the modern era, we spoke to Dr Kate Kenny, MBA program director at Queen’s, about the school’s modern, leadership-driven program.

Find out whether design thinking is here to stay

Design thinking, the human-centered approach to solving problems, which places customers at its core, can make graduates more employable. But will it stick?

TOPMBA innovation by date
An artist’s impression of what vacuum-tube travel might one day look like – SpaceX’s Hyperloop competition is allowing students of Wisconsin School of Business to work towards breaking the sound barrier

SpaceX’s Hyperloop competition is allowing Wisconsin School of Business students the chance to work on what’s heralded as the future of transport.

Donation of US$20 million will go to Chicago Booth’s social innovation center

US$20 million gift from graduate of Chicago Booth’s executive MBA program in Asia to support social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Find out if Edinburgh or Paris could be the ideal place for you to study an entrepreneurial MBA

Which European city is best for an MBA if you have entrepreneurial ambitions? The cases for Edinburgh and Paris, presented by b-school faculty.

Kellogg's CIO discusses the importance of innovation in keeping business education relevant

Kellogg’s first chief innovation officer, Betsy Ziegler, gets to the heart of the forces challenging business schools to innovate in order to stay relevant.

Vlerick Business School’s dean, Marion Debruyne, on business education learning and change

Business education is not doing its job when it relies on knowledge transfer alone, says Vlerick Business School’s dean, Marion Debruyne.