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TOPMBA MBA alumni by date
Find out what the Tepper MBA has done for Gunjan Kedia's career in finance
14 Feb 2018

Gunjan Kedia, discusses why she owes a great deal of her career success to the Tepper MBA and encourages more women to consider careers in finance.

Discover how the international MBA program at IE helped advance Michael Thomas' career
01 Feb 2018

Michael Thomas completed an international MBA at IE Business School. He shares how the degree has helped shape his career. 

Alumni Stories - Farah AbdulHadi, Warwick Business School MBA ‘16 main image
24 Jan 2018

Farah AbdulHadi, holder of an MBA from Warwick Business School in the UK discusses how a case challenge helped her land a role at GE Healthcare.

TOPMBA MBA alumni by date
Discover what Apple are looking for from their MBA hires
21 Dec 2017

Rashi Gupta, holder of an MBA from Sloan School of Management discusses what Apple look for in their MBA hires.

Find out why education must become a lifelong pursuit and not end upon completion of your MBA
15 Dec 2017

The MBA degree is by no means the end of your education. Business schools are striving to ensure graduates learn for a lifetime

Find out how Itamar Snir turned his Google internship into a full-time job
28 Nov 2017

Itamar Snir, NYU Stern MBA ‘17 discusses how his internship at Google turned into a full-time position

Military MBAs: Veterans Join Business School Ranks
16 Nov 2017

Business school is a good way to transition from military to civilian life – and build leadership skills

From the Battlefield to Bain & Company Via an MBA
15 Nov 2017

Chuck Wood went from platoon leader in Afghanistan to management consultant at Bain & Company, with an MBA at Duke Fuqua.