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cirque du solieil sloan

Learn how business schools are using liberal arts courses to teach their students about leadership and related soft skills to better prepare for the workforce.

Why AI Will Create New Jobs, Not Just Replace Old Ones main image

Find out from an expert at MIT Sloan School of Management about how AI – artificial intelligence – is influencing the future of work, including the fact that the robots are not going to steal your job.

MIT Sloan Joins Peer Institutions With Deferred Admissions MBA Programs main image

Find out about MIT Sloan School of Management’s decision to join peer business schools with deferred admissions MBA programs for college seniors. 

TOPMBA MIT Sloan by date
MIT Sloan MF Offers a Key to the Future main image

Discover why MIT Sloan School of Business’ master of finance program is ranked No. 1 by QS Global Rankings 2019.

MIT Sloan School Is Ahead of the Curve in AI Education for MBAs  main image

Discover how the MIT Sloan School of Management MBA program is teaching students how to apply AI and machine learning to business management. Get a peek at the future, too.

Why are top business schools turning to the liberal arts to help their MBA students?

Discover why a number of top business schools dabble in the liberal arts to help their MBA students think in a different way.

Commencement (graduation) celebrations are an opportunity for MBA graduates to hear from thought-provoking and inspiring speakers

Inspiring speakers for graduation/commencement at MIT Sloan, Tuck, Duke Fuqua, HBS and Wharton, plus a look at Stanford GSB’s upcoming event.

moving to a management career from stem

Whether it is moving into a management role within a STEM context or as a result of a career change, MBA skills can be invaluable.