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TOPMBA events by date
London Business School sutdent-run club holds annual Africa summit
27 Apr 2015
London Business School summit conveys optimism on the future for doing business in Africa, but does the region lack quality management education?
Career services
17 Oct 2014
Use these tips to effectively utilize your school’s career services next on-campus recruitment session to find a job or internship.
Stanford GSB Sports Innovation Conference Highlights Trends: MBA News main image
07 May 2014
Pioneering Sports Innovation Conference at Stanford GSB saw debate about fan engagement and other key sports trends take center stage. 
TOPMBA events by date
Rutgers Business School to Host Panasonic Corporation CEO: MBA News main image
19 Feb 2014
chairman and CEO of the electronics giants’ North American wing to discuss the challenge of reinventing itself at Rutgers Business School.
Nitin Nohria to Lead IESE Alumni Event on Asia’s Example: MBA News main image
13 Jan 2014
What European companies can learn from their Asian counterparts will be the focus of tonight’s IESE alumni session with Harvard dean, Nitin Nohria.
Imperial College to Take New Lecture Series around the World: MBA News main image
13 Dec 2013
Imperial College Business School announces that a new lecture series focusing on the global economy and its challenges will be held across the world.
London Business School to Host Annual Energy Industry Summit: MBA News main image
27 Nov 2013
Pushing the boundaries of the energy industry is the theme of London Business School’s Global Energy Summit this year.