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TOPMBA ROI by date
21 Oct 2019
From impressive ROI to excellent networking, Hasib Ahmed illuminates some of the benefits of an EMBA.
MBA loans
03 Feb 2016
Looking into MBA loans to fund your education? Ricardo Fernandez from Prodigy Finance discusses financial freedom and the importance of savings.
Dollar versus euro and its potential effects on MBA applicants in the US
28 May 2015
Report suggests gains made by the US dollar on the euro could lead to increased interest in European MBA programs among US applicants.
TOPMBA ROI by date
Georgetown University report on earning power of different disciplines taken at university
11 May 2015
Georgetown University study tracks students’ experience to find how subject choices influence earning power.
Survey of executive MBA graduates in 2014
19 Mar 2015
Average rise in salary for those graduating from executive MBA programs in 2014 found to be 2.8% higher than in 2013, according to an EMBAC survey.
choosing a program
10 Mar 2015
Guest blogger Jonathan Taves of EF Essays breaks down the five criteria that guided his MBA search to entrepreneurship programs and ROI.
researching programs
24 Dec 2014
Guest blogger, ProGMAT, offers some excellent advice on selecting the best MBA for you based on ROI, long and short-term goals, and the post-MBA job you want.
MBA Program or MOOCs? 4 Tips Before You Apply. main image
29 Oct 2014
Thinking about an MBA program? Laurie Pickard, the No-Pay MBA, offers advice on ROI and deciding whether or not business school is the right choice.