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Rutgers MBA alumnus on the music industry experience
23 Mar 2015
Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) CEO, Michael O’Neill, puts his business ascent down to gaining the confidence to embrace new challenges from a Rutgers MBA. 
HBS professor issues apology
12 Dec 2014
HBS professor apologizes for restaurant furor, social media backlash for FSU College of Business lecturer and the economic indicator of dry cleaning.
New dean appointed at Rutgers Business School
12 Nov 2014
Long-serving professor and supply chain management head at Rutgers Business School, Dr Lei Lei will step into Glenn Shafer’s shoes in January.
TOPMBA Rutgers Business School by date
gender parity at Rutgers Business School
13 Oct 2014
Is the gender parity achieved by Rutgers Business School’s class of 2016 evidence of a supportive atmosphere or a mere coincidence?
Rutgers Business School to Host Panasonic Corporation CEO: MBA News main image
19 Feb 2014
chairman and CEO of the electronics giants’ North American wing to discuss the challenge of reinventing itself at Rutgers Business School.
Rutgers Business School Holds Annual Pharma Case Competition: MBA News main image
12 Nov 2013
Pharmaceutical management students go head to head in Rutgers biopharmaceutical case competition on Friday.