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    27 Yrs.
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Located in Tel Aviv, and at the cultural and economic heart of Israel, the Startup Nation, the Sofaer Global MBA (GMBA) is an intensive one-year program with a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and venture. The Sofaer GMBA combines a rigorous academic curriculum containing a wide range of elective course offerings with experiential learning, networking-orientated experiences and professional and personal development activities that will immerse you in a unique startup ecosystem. The flexible program structure enables students to build the skills and network they need to launch their next step as a startup founder, venture builder or company innovator. 

Academic excellence, professional depth, broad life experience, and innovative creativity are distinguishing factors of successful Sofaer GMBA candidates. We view diversity as a fundamental asset to the program, and our students are as diverse professionally as they are geographically. Additionally, we strive to maintain a 50/50 ratio of women and men in each class. We recommend that students begin their MBA studies after 2-4 years of work experience. Many speak more than one language and have lived and/or worked in more than one country. 

The Sofaer Global MBA is part of Tel Aviv University’s Coller School of Management – Israel’s leading business school, and the only business school in Israel to receive international accreditation by the prestigious Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

Tel Aviv University is Israel’s leading, most comprehensive and most sought-after center of higher learning. Tel Aviv University was ranked 9th worldwide for startup founders by the 2017 PitchBook report, and is therefore ranked above Yale, Princeton and UCLA in producing startup companies that successfully raise capital.

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