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  • DurationHow long it normally takes to complete the program.
    24 months
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Curtin's MBA (Global) Overview

The Master of Business Administration (Global) is an early-career MBA program, designed to build on your undergraduate degree and launch your global business career. 

You can undertake the MBA (Global) for emerging leaders directly after completing a bachelor degree in any discipline. The course focuses on core business knowledge and inter-cultural communication, ensuring your skills can be applied within an international business context.

You will develop your leadership skills through work-integrated learning, industry mentorships and field trips. You will also have the opportunity to gain insight from an international study tour at a leading international university.

The two-year course starts with a one-week orientation program, which introduces you to the faculty and industry advisors, and demonstrates the importance of effective engagement and building relationships in the global market. You’ll then study 14 units over four semesters, consisting of core global business knowledge, global practice and analytical practice.

Fast-track your MBA (Global)

If you are a graduate with an undergraduate degree in business or commerce you may receive Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL) equal to 100 credits within the MBA (Global) (equivalent of one semester full-time study).

The fast-track option means you could complete your MBA (Global) sooner.

Industry Project

In your final semester, you will undertake an industry based business placement or consultancy project as an individual or as part of a team.

International Study Tour

The International Study Tour is an intensive cross-national experience in which you will gain knowledge and skills on how to manage and coordinate effective global projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am an international student, how do I apply for the MBA?

International students must submit their applications through the Curtin International Office. 

Prepare your written submission and collate your supporting documents. You need:

  • scanned, colour copies of your qualification/s (academic transcript)
  • a statement outlining your motivation and reason for undertaking the MBA (maximum of 500 words)
  • employer Recommendation and Referee Report
  • a comprehensive, up-to-date CV/Resume

Once you have all your documents prepared, you can apply online.

If you are using the services of a Curtin registered agent, you should lodge your application through the agent and contact them if you have any queries about the admission process.

How competitive is entry into the MBA program?

Based on past application trends it is expected that approximately 75% (to possibly 80%) of applicants to the MBA program will be offered a place on the program.  Clarity around the criteria we use to determine entry and strict basic entry requirements tends to limit the number of applications from clearly unsuitable applicants – hence the high acceptance rates.

While the standard of applicants may vary somewhat over time, it would be expected that someone with five to six years of work experience (especially if they had some managerial experience), a solid undergraduate degree, good references, a relatively clear nexus between their present/desired career and the course of study and a reasonable interview result could be confident of receiving an offer for a place on the MBA program.

I'm thinking of taking the GMAT to assist in my application, will it help?

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardised exam that is taken by many MBA applicants – particularly in North America.  It tends to be used less frequently on programs where the applicants have significant work experience (especially in Australia).  We recommend that the GMAT is undertaken in only limited cases.  If an applicant’s performance across a number of criteria is relatively weak, they may wish to emphasise their potential through a good GMAT performance. 

While we will consider a GMAT score as part of the process, we will guarantee an interview to any applicant who scores above 600 on the GMAT (provided they meet the basic entry requirements). 

Before undertaking the GMAT exam, you may wish to discuss your initial application with the MBA Director who will assess whether the other elements of your application are likely to be competitive and therefore whether there is any benefit in supplementing your application with the GMAT.

What does the 500 word MBA application statement involve?

Applicants must provide a statement (maximum of 500 words) that outlines their motivation and reasons for undertaking the MBA.  It should demonstrate how the degree is applicable to their career, how it will help their personal development, along with what action they will take to leverage the MBA experience. 

For this criteria, the highest rankings will be provided to those applicants where there is a clear nexus between the desired course of study and their existing/desired career path.  This may involve a fundamental change in their career direction or accelerated career progression within an existing career structure.

For students wishing to enter specific majors such as Strategic Procurement or Oil and Gas, it would be expected that they could show how this major would appropriately align with the current/likely career development.