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    Master of Science in Innovation with User Experience Overview

    Combining technology with business and design, this Master of Science in Innovation with User Experience allows students to develop their ability in evaluating, designing and delivering innovative solutions and experiences to both existing and emerging markets. Students will also learn to maintain an awareness of business strategies when it comes to keeping such organizations competitive and valuable in the market. 

    Tuition fees, entry requirements and how to apply

    Tuition fees are currently $56,376 for the total program.

    If you’re an international student who’s interested in applying to the Master of Science in Innovation with User Experience degree program, the application deadline for entry in the fall is June 15th. For those who wish to enroll in the spring, the application deadline is November 6th. 

    Please note, application decisions are made on a rolling basis, so should your application be successful you’ll be invited for an interview. 

    To apply, you will need to create an account to begin a new application and submit the following:

    • Online application 
    • Transcripts
    • $70 application fee
    • Three letters of recommendation 
    • GRE or GMAT score
    • TOEFL or IELTS score (only for international applications who are from non-English speaking countries)
    • A statement of purpose
    • Up-to-date CV  
    • A video essay

    Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of entry requirements. You should therefore visit the Foisie Business School website for further information regarding entry requirements, how to apply as well as tuition fees.  

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