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  • DurationHow long it normally takes to complete the program.
    18 months
  • Avg. GMATAverage GMAT score for the program.
  • Fee (USD)Cost of tuition fees for full program

International MBA + Master in International Relations (Dual Degree) Overview

If you’re drawn not only to global affairs, but also to the rapidly evolving world of business, this Dual Degree program could be the perfect fit. It combines IE Business School’s highly renowned International MBA with the Master in International Relations from IE School of Global and Public Affairs. In less than two years, you’ll build a solid foundation in the most important aspects of business administration and management, plus a thorough understanding of international affairs, strategic diplomacy and comparative regional studies.

If you choose to rise to this challenge, you’ll begin your IE journey with the IMBA, building a strong foundation in the fundamentals of business, management, economics and finance. You’ll strengthen your existing leadership skills, opening the door to high-level positions in your chosen industry. You’ll also be able to personalize the program by choosing from various labs, international exchanges and hands-on experiences to enrich your learning experience and advance your own aspirations.

You’ll then take on the MIR, adding multidisciplinary knowledge in languages, humanities, politics, technology and more to your professional profile. In addition to international business and economics, the MIR focuses on global affairs foundations, comparative regional studies and social entrepreneurship and development. You’ll be exposed to a highly diverse community of classmates, instructors and mentors, and have the chance to gain hands-on real-world experience. 

After just 19 months, you’ll be ready to re-enter the professional world, take a decisive step forward in your career and truly make a difference in the international business world and beyond.

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