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    Master in Digital Business & Innovation Overview

    The challenge for companies isn’t only tech – it’s also talent. From disruptive startups to the largest global corps, there is a growing demand for new-economy professionals who can bridge the gap between technology and business. 

    Unfortunately, this talent is in short supply. Why? Because in most top schools, business and tech education happen in silos. Management students touch on IT and digital, but don’t get the deeper knowledge and hands-on tech experience necessary to jumpstart a real tech-centered career. And likewise, tech students in computer science and engineering don’t learn the fundamentals of business innovation. 

    This is why IE’s School of Human Sciences and Technology (HST), a school integrally linked to the business workplace, has handcrafted the Master in Digital Business & Innovation. It’s a unique program designed to train professionals who are both business-savvy tech experts and at the same time tech-savvy business innovators. Our Master in Digital Business & Innovation will equip you to become a leader in technology strategy, digital transformation, and tech-based innovation.

    The outlook for digital transformers is excellent. This program prepares professionals who will have exciting career opportunities across industries, filling digital-era leadership roles such as Tech Consultant, Digital Expert, Innovation Strategist, Digital Director, Tech Strategist, Digital Leader, Business Innovator, Business Intelligence Manager, and Digital Innovation Manager.

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