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  • DurationHow long it normally takes to complete the program.
    10 months
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Master in Talent Development & Human Resources Overview

The workplace needs to be re-invented to regain happiness, well-being, and success as a virtuous cycle. This requires a new leadership paradigm, which is why this cutting-edge program uses new HR and talent development skills and technologies to design people-strategies that are strategically aligned with business objectives.

The Master in Talent Development and Human Resources is a 10-month program divided into 3 terms, each addressing key areas of knowledge and skills you need for the program journey. You will learn how HR needs to support the business objectives, how to develop talent so it reaches its potential, how to lead change in organizations and how to apply tech to accelerate and optimize talent and change initiatives.

Students will take all courses combining all four program areas: Strategic HR; Behavior & Change Management; Talent Development & Management, Digital HR. These courses will cover from the basics of talent management to the most advanced strategic views, technologies and behavioral skills. The program consists of a thoughtfully mixed cocktail of classroom sessions, experimental learning and handson challenges. The academic content will evolve from finding your personal passion and purpose plan, to defining and shaping high performance teams, to applying practical and integrated talent management and development programs.

Graduates of this program will understand the unique integration of talent management, behavior, and technology. As individuals who are prepared to question the status quo and influence positive change in the workplace, they will be in high demand at international companies, start-ups, and NGOs to either work in internal Human Resources and Talent Development departments or externally as consultants. Roles can range from leadership positions as Human Resources.

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