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An International Education for Success in a Globalized World IEDE Business School, as part of the worldwide leader institution in higher education: Laureate International Universities, is the only Business School with centres in Spain, Chile and China, providing students a unique global and integrated learning experience. The international vocation and teaching methodology of IEDE allows the School to offer students a unique education. IEDE provides the necessary technical and human abilities to postgraduates to create a new leading class for the twenty first century. To achieve this IEDE has incorporated the best professionals, who share both their professional activity and teaching at the School, to the faculty team. This international faculty with multinational experience is one of the keys to IEDE’s leadership position. IEDE also uses the latest technologies to achieve practical and participative learning, where closeness and exclusive attention are a priority. IEDE Business School offers Masters in the areas of Management, Marketing, Communications, Law and Tourism. Masters that stand out for: -Their official accreditation and excellent academic quality, due to IEDE is the Business School of Universidad Europea de Madrid -A distinctive methodology focused on results and based on analysis of practical cases -Programs designed, structured and developed with companies needs in mind -Their international character evident in its truly worldwide Masters, the background of its students and the fact IEDE is the only School of Business with campuses on three continents -Career-oriented, offering close links with the world of business and industry -Leading professors and lecturers in the field of national and international executive management IEDE highlights by its wide portfolio of Masters in Spanish and its international and worldwide Programs: -International MBA, Madrid-Shanghai-California -Master in International Hotel Management (Official), Madrid (Spain)-Les Roches (Switzerland) IEDE's Master Programmes represent all you can expect from a Business School of worldwide reputation and are aimed at students who are looking for an integrated, multicultural and international education. We believe that if the majority of the leading companies focus their efforts in multinational environments, why should students not demand the same dimension for their Business School? Nowadays, there are two great markets with excellent growth potential: Latin America and China. There are thousands of opportunities for businessmen and professionals with expertise in these two great areas of the world. If an International Program does not consider both dimensions, it cannot be taken as international. If you are looking for an international experience and wish to develop strong skills in order to work in multicultural and multinational environments whilst becoming expert in the European market as well as two emerging economies, China and Latin America, then IEDE Business School is clearly the right choice for you. Some of IEDE Business School Programmes are bilingual: English and Spanish. Candidates must have a University Degree and, in some cases, also a working experience. Basic Chinese language workshops are provided in Programmes which include a module in Shanghai. Students are loaned a laptop during the course. In the International MBA, course fees include accommodation and...


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