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  • DurationHow long it normally takes to complete the program.
    20 months
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Executive MBA (Global) Overview

EMBA-Global is a powerful partnership between London Business School, the University of Hong Kong and Columbia Business School. It provides globally focused executives and managers with the insight, expertise, networks and multifaceted perspectives to become successful leaders—anywhere in the world.

In order to meet the shifting needs of global business, the EMBA-Global programme has two options. EMBA-Global Americas & Europe is offered in London and New York by London Business School and Columbia Business School. EMBA-Global Asia extends to the University of Hong Kong, with two classes held in London, New York and Shanghai.

EMBA-Global is internationally recognised as one of the world's leading Executive MBA programmes. Both EMBA-Global Asia and EMBAGlobal Americas & Europe are designed for high-calibre professionals who are looking to take their careers to the next level and transform opportunity into action. Whether you choose EMBA-Global Americas & Europe or EMBA-Global Asia, you join a community of high potential international executives and entrepreneurs who study with some of the best business educators in the world. Together, you will help impact the future of global business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between EMBA-Global and other Executive MBA programmes?

EMBA-Global covers similar material in the first three terms to that covered in the first academic year of a traditional MBA programme. However, since EMBA-Global is designed for people who have or will have significant trans-national responsibilities, all courses reflect a greater proportion of trans-national material.

The elective portfolios of both London Business School and Columbia Business School are available to you, so you will share a class with an even more internationally experienced peer group. In addition, you have access to electives offered by The University of Hong Kong.

On successfully completing EMBA-Global Americas & Europe, you will receive an MBA degree from each school and have full, life-long access to the alumni networks of these two top business schools.

What is the difference between EMBA-Global Americas & Europe and EMBA-Global Asia?

EMBA-Global Americas & Europe conducts its core courses in alternating block weeks each month either in London or New York. EMBA-Global Asia conducts a large portion of its core courses in Hong Kong, with some visits to London and New York. While EMBA-Global, wherever it is conducted, is designed for executives and managers who want their learning to carry a definitively global outlook, each arm of EMBA-Global gives the learning a different regional flavour.

All EMBA-Global students have access to the elective portfolios of the three partner schools, but only EMBA-Global Asia students take core courses in Hong Kong. For EMBA-Global Americas & Europe, core course teaching is split between London Business School and Colombia Business School faculty, while for EMBA-Global Asia, core course teaching is shared equally across the London Business School, The University of Hong Kong and Columbia Business School.

What level of work experience do I need to have?

You need to be able to demonstrate experience in the management of projects, budgets, processes or people over a sustained period, which should include some international experience or exposure. Students typically have between 5 and 14 years full-time work experience

Do I need to be financially sponsored by my employer to undertake the programme?

You must be sponsored by you organisation in terms of time, but you are not required to secure financial support. However, many organisations recognise sponsorship as an important investment in their human capital, and so many EMBA-Global students are also financially sponsored.