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  • DemographyAverage age range of students across all MBA programs at the institution.
    35-38 Yrs.


MGIMO Business School seeks to embody all the strengths of the University in its educational programmes so that its graduates would be high quality professionals and experts in the advanced areas of public activity. Our programmes are aimed at improving the knowledge previously acquired by students. Our goal is to prepare talented leaders that will be able to use the acquired knowledge and skills in their professional activity.

MGIMO Business School is an АМВА (Association of MBAs) accredited business school. In its assessment the AMBA committee noted the quality of the faculty and business experts as well as the School’s customer-oriented approach.

AMBA accreditation provides schools and their graduates with access to an elite international network and opportunities to for cooperation.

MGIMO Business School is a member of AMBA BGA and EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development).

MGIMO Business School has trained the employees of the following companies: OAO RZD, UMMC Holding LLC, OAO Surgutneftegaz, Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, Administration of Moscow Oblast, Administration of the Republic of Tatarstan, UNESCO, Administration of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation, Vnukovo International Airport, Rostekhnologii Group, OAO FGC UES, etc.

The Business School has signed cooperation agreements with the following universities: Henley Business School (University of Reading, UK), the International University of Monaco, Dundee University, ADA University, Athens State University, BHSAD, MIPT, SCOLIPE, MISYS, Kuban SAU, and Stavropol SAU.

MGIMO Business School has a double degree MBA programmes jointly with the British Higher School of Design, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and ADA University.

Since 2016, the School has been recording and publishing its distance courses at Coursera. Executive MBA and MBA students along with other students even from other universities can use the Coursera courses for free for an extra option of distance learning.

MGIMO has its own Students and Alumni Office. The Students and Alumni Office is a structural subdivision of MGIMO University established to handle students’ and alumni’s careers. The graduates of MGIMO Business School are the representatives of the leading companies from Forbes 100.

MGIMO Business School offers the following programmes:

  • Executive MBA
  • МВА
  • Master programmes
  • Vocational retraining
  • Executive education
  • Seminars and trainings
  • Field studies
  • Advance training for faculty members
  • Corporate training
  • Distant learning

More information here http://en.mgimo.mba/


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