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<p>Hi all, I am a mechanical engineer with a masters in industrial engineering, I have about two and half years of work experience. I want to study a MBA, as I want to take a management role now manufacturing or a related field. Can you please suggest me a good MBA specialization - are Operations Management, International Business or International Management good courses? What&#39;s the career path like after these courses?</p>

A subject of your interest will be a good option for Specialization. Find out the list of all subject and choose one which you think , yes i want to know this subject and go for it.

Are you planning to get your degree right away or wait and gain more work experience? Two and a half years may not be enough work experience for some MBA programs.

I know you already have a Maters, but you may want to look the websites for schools that offer dual  Master of Engineering in Manufacturing and MBA programs to see what they emphasize and what the career paths are. You could also talk to admissions or career services. Michigan Ross and Boston University both offer thoe kinds of programs.

What are the various specializations in MBA?

Is it a good idea to do Dual specialization in MBA

Think that depends on what you want to get out of the MBA. If you have a clear career goal in mind where specializing in two areas like that would help, then it's worth looking into - otherwise you should be able to focus on two areas on a traditional program from the school's electives.

How about MBA in supply chain management, marketing or general management? Will help climb the ladder within the organization or outside.


In answer to Priya's earlier question MBA specializations are available in many different areas. 10 of the most popular specializations, and those found at many leading international business schols, are covered in QS' MBA rankings by specialization.

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There are a number of specializations in MBA but in my opinion Marketing is one of the best specializations as far as careers are concerned. An MBA in Marketing gets a wide range of career opportunities. MBA IT is also a good specialization especially if you have working experience in the IT field.

I think as science student you should go for finance,mathematical terms are already familiar to you. If you love to take challenges then go you can go for CFA. Yes International Business,International Management both are very good subject though you do not have any math over there. All are theory based and I know an engineer do not like theory.
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hi , i m interesting to study MBA with healthcare management specialization in US but couldnt find it here. I d appreciate if somebody knows about it? I work in the healthcare field, have over 6 years experience. Thanks and good luck to everyone here! olga

Hi Olga, my name is Andres, this link might help you.

Thank you for your question.

Thank you so much for you answer Andres! I check it out! thanks!
I also wanna ask if you have any experience- studied Healthcare MBA in US or anyone else in that field who does lives work in US? I m looking meeting people who have any experience to share with me. I d be grateful for making connections. best regards and a nice weekend to everyone! olga

Hi i am smith and i just had a 1st degree in law and intend to do an MBA either technology management or human resource management .i will need your help to make a good choice or if there is any other program you will advice me to take .thanks

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The perception is that an MBA degree is quintessential for your success in the business world. However, the painted rainbow does not always end up leading you to the pot of gold. Considering the enormous cost that a candidate incurs during the two year period and subsequent debt for next 10 years is surmounting. There are instances when that debt was never paid as candidates fail to bag jobs with richer benefits to take home. As pointed by Jeffrey Pfeffer, professor of organisational behaviour at Stanford Graduate School of Business, “A degree has value only if the degree is scarce, and the current industry is abundantly filled with MBAs.”

Over last 5-6 years,MBA degree has lost some lustre especially after 2008 meltdown.The b-schools over-emphasis over profit making in place of of honest and transparent value building has been exposed.
Majority of management graduates are mostly engrossed in push marketing which they misunderstood for leadership.
The divide between the actual capital assets and induced market capitalization of corporations is the proof of employing synthesized financial tools to exploit investors,stakeholders etc.Money is getting multiplied by strategies not values.
Business schools are mostly breeding smart executives not great value builders.

Yes International Business,International Management both are very good subject though you do not have any math over there. All are theory based and I know an engineer do not like theory. Goodluck!

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