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Lord Sugar and Dr Leah Tatton: Wikimedia Commons, Joeeddy8

The Apprentice offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to receive a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar should they win the competition. But which were triumphs, and which were flops? Find out more here.

Make Your GMAT Study More Effective -- Techniques to Develop Deep Focus
18 Oct 2017 by Rowan Hand

Maximise your GMAT score by making your study time more effective. Follow these tips for success.

Making Business Connections Online
06 Oct 2017 by Avery Philips

Networking is one of the most important aspects of an MBA and the internet is an often misused tool. Here's how to connect with people online, the right way.

The Value of Work Experience to Your MBA
05 Oct 2017 by R Chandrakala

Undertaking work experience before an MBA can not only strengthen your application, but improve your success on the program.

Could the work of Aristotle help you solve critical reasoning questions on the GMAT?
27 Jun 2017 by Rowan Hand

Find out how Aristotle and the ‘reduction to absurdity’ method can help you tackle tricky arguments in GMAT’s critical reasoning section.

How can you ensure you demonstrate value and stand out in the MBA admissions process?
21 Jun 2017 by Avi Gordon

From meaningful goals to self-awareness, here are five ways in which you can win over an MBA admissions team and stand out among your peers.

Navigate MBA essay questions used by top business schools with detailed advice from guest blogger, Avi Gordon
25 May 2017 by Avi Gordon

In this blog, Avi Gordon talks about five popular MBA admissions essay question types and offers some pointers for how to address them.

Seven of the best tutoring options in New York for those looking to up their GMAT score and master the gatekeeper of MBA admissions
18 May 2017 by Omesha Ranasinghe

Looking to ensure you notch a high GMAT score? Tutors can provide useful test prep options, as these seven examples available in New York illustrate.

Can an MBA grant you admission to a sought-after role as a product manager?
04 May 2017 by Dan Balcauski

Can an MBA degree propel you to a dream job in product management? A Kellogg MBA outlines the program's advantages and some assumptions not to make.

HEC Paris brings together competitors from b-schools around the world each year for its MBA Tournament (MBAT)
03 May 2017 by Silvana Ramos

One of the MBA students behind this year’s MBA Tournament (MBAT) at HEC Paris discusses the benefits of organizing a major event while at b-school.

Confused about whether an MBA degree would be the right choice for you?
25 Apr 2017 by Silke Paruszewski

What to ask yourself when considering whether the MBA degree, or any related advanced degree in business, suits your circumstances and ambitions.