MBA in Sports

Hi Guys.
I've been following this forum for quite a while now, and I must say that I am really impressed at the activity rate shown in replying to a variety of questions.Noting that, can you guys help me out here?

1) How is the market for a MBA graduate in Sports management like right now?
2) There seem to be quite a few schools ( like GWU, EU business school, University of Liverpool, etc,) which offer top-rated programs in sports management. How do you rate them among each other? Can we use the traditional rating systems as we use with other MBA programs?
3) Are there any specific schools that are better for a career in the football industry?
4) What is the prospect of a career in the commercial side of sports for someone with no professional experience?

A bit of background here.
I am a 26 year old Indian male engineer. I will have 5 years of work-ex in 2017 and am extremely keen on a career in the commercial avenues in football. All my work ex has been in supply chain for a manufacturing industry, so this will be a drastic career change. I have never played the game professionally ( or for that matter neither in college due to an injury early on). Hence, how well do you guys think my career chances rate after taking a MBA in sports management? Will I be better off opting for a MBA in Business management?

I am sorry for bombarding you guys with so many questions... but as you can see, I am quite confused at this juncture.