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  • DurationHow long it normally takes to complete the program.
    10 months

MBA Overview

The MBA course is a very import course for all people who wish to seek direction and management of enterprises. The knowledge, experience, skills and relationships acquired in its realization enable the increase of professional development. If not done, together with limited knowledge of languages and total absence of multicultural knowledge, represent a major constraint to occupy senior positions in companies with a process of increasing internationalization. The MBA Master consists of a set of courses in business areas that are considered important. Courses in strategic management, finance, marketing, human resources, management skills and other as minor such as operations, economic environment, innovation and taxation constitute a substantial par of the MBA. MBA education should educate and inculcate the importance of analysis and development of techniques successfully experienced in management and corporate governance. Managers must learn to exercise leadership of the company and manage and make efficient and effective administration that meets the mission of the company.


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