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George Washington University

This is where ideas are born, decisions are made and lives are changed. There is no better place to be during this time of economic change than in this city. Washington, D.C. is where business intersects with the shaping of policies, which in turn impact what happens in countries all over the world. At the George Washington School of Business, we offer you a unique advantage of being embedded in the global economy. Our location, just blocks from the World Bank, IMF, and State Department gives you access to the inner workings of places most people never see. In addition to being renowned scholars, our faculty includes leaders in D.C.'s most powerful institutions, who bring extraordinary experiential learning and career opportunities to you. Through a leading edge curriculum focused on ethical leadership, globalization and social responsibility, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to contribute to the economy and society in unique and inspiring ways - whether you're in a suite on Wall Street or a village center in Ghana. It's about putting yourself in the right position to start conversations and bring about positive change. This is exactly where you want to be.


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