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Graduate School of Business, University of Kwazulu-Natal

Overview The MBA has been developed to provide knowledge and skills for aspiring senior managers. Like most MBA programmes, a healthy mix of academics and practitioners staff the UKZN MBA. The academics focus on the transfer of knowledge whilst the practitioners focus on the transfer of skills. Our programme is designed to simulate the work environment, as such our students have to work: independently; in groups; under stress and to deadlines. Our lecturers facilitate the learning process by supplementing formal lectures with critical discussions; group presentations; and case study analysis. Where applicable, lectures are supported with technology based exercises and Internet research. Our MBA curriculum is challenging and requires a commitment from the individual, his/her family and his/her employer. It is important to have support systems in place in order to succeed on our programme. In time, the rewards far outweigh the sacrifice. Accreditation The Council for Higher Education (CHE) has granted full accreditation to the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s MBA programme. Duration The MBA is a two and a half year programme: • Two years: Coursework • Six months: Research and Dissertation Entry Criteria To be considered for admission onto the MBA programme, an applicant is required to: • Have a matriculation exemption or a mature age exemption; • hold an undergraduate degree or other qualification rated as its equivalent at the NQF level 6;* • be at least 25 years old on the 1st of January of the year of commencement of study; and • have a minimum of 5 years working experience, at least 3 years of which should be in a managerial / supervisory capacity. Applicants meeting these criteria will be invited to sit an entrance test. The highest-ranking applicants will be offered places on the MBA programme. * Under exceptional circumstances, and upon recommendation of the GSB School Board, the University Senate may consider candidates that do not meet this criterion, provided that they can satisfy the Senate that they have, through prior learning, attained a level of competence adequate for the purpose of postgraduate studies. MBA Entrance Test An applicant is required to write an entrance test to determine his/her suitability for the MBA. The test is conducted by an independent industrial psychologist for which a separate fee is charged. It is designed to determine an applicant’s potential to succeed on the MBA and it tests, learning potential, verbal reasoning, coping styles, team role orientation and management style. International applicants may write the GMAT test in their own country and attach a certified copy of their results to their application. Application Procedure An applicant must apply and submit all relevant documentation before 31 August in order to be considered for acceptance to study in the following year. Application forms and the full application procedure can be found on the School’s website: Lectures MBA lectures are held in the GSB Building at the Westville Campus, from Monday to Thursday, 18h00 to 20h30. Students may be required to attend additional lectures on Saturdays. Participation in field trips, excursions and attendance of additional presentations outside of the lecture theatre may be required.


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