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Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame

The Notre Dame MBA Mendoza places an emphasis on providing an excellent business education that puts priority on ethics and values. MBA students learn leadership skills so that they can solve some of the toughest problems in business, and do so with a consciousness of how their actions impact the larger community. The curriculum provides a balanced mastery of all functional areas of business—finance, accounting, marketing and management. Signature courses in Problem-Solving and Innovation gives students the tools to diagnose problems, understand the critical issues and frame innovative solutions. Further, students are exposed to the complexities of global business through a series of engagements with leaders worldwide. Immersions in Asia, Latin America and Europe provide opportunities to experience other cultures first-hand. Signature lecture series, such as Ten Years Hence, bring in internationally renowned experts to discuss some of the most vital trends and issues facing the current age. Students also have the opportunity to broaden their problem-solving and entrepreneurial skills by participating in service projects in locations ranging from Jamaica, South Africa, Mexico, to here in the Midwest. In the classroom, “live case” experiences allow MBA students to analyze, investigate and offer solutions for real-life problems presented by executives from some of the largest global organizations, including GE, Hewlett-Packard, Starbucks, Nestle, Walgreens and OfficeMax. Building a strong social network is important to the MBA program as well. There are club activities relating to careers in technology, investments, marketing, entrepreneurship or other timely interests. Students participate in a wide variety of competitive and non-competitive sports, including all-night soccer matches and Notre Dame's annual Bookstore Basketball tournament. The Notre Dame MBA graduate becomes part of the most extensive network of alumni clubs in higher education. Long after graduation, Mendoza alumni turn to each other for career counseling, professional networking and trusted friendships. With more than 100 elective courses, seven concentration tracks and two formats, the Notre Dame MBA program provides students with a challenging and flexible educational experience. The One-Year MBA program is designed for students who have an undergraduate degree in business. This program enables students to begin study in May and graduate the following May. In the Two-Year MBA program, students attend classes for four semesters. Each semester consists of two seven-week modules, which gives students greater flexibility in choosing courses to suit individual interests, more opportunity to study abroad, and more professional development. An Inter-term in every semester allows students to enroll in one-week courses to deepen or broaden their expertise or, when coupled with break week, enables students to study in China, Belgium or India.


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