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  • DurationHow long it normally takes to complete the program.
    12 months
  • Fee (USD)Cost of tuition fees for full program

Executive MBA Overview

The SMU EMBA Programme is designed for the global senior leader who is keen on business innovation and growth. The innovative curriculum is created with input from more than 100 business leaders in Asia. It is designed to prepare senior executives for the challenges of leading organizations in the rapidly growing Asian markets. Graduating executives will be fully equipped to take advantage of evolving markets, resources and capabilities in Asia.

The programme is put together to fit the busy schedule of senior executives. The 12-month modular programme is delivered in a combination of intense one or two week-long sessions and concentrated 3-day weekends. In addition to the coursework in Singapore at SMU, participants will spend a week each at Wharton Business School in Philadelphia (USA), Indian School of Business in Hyderabad (India) and Peking University in Beijing (China). The programme is delivered by our world-class faculties, trained at some of the world’s best academic institutions and, with extensive research and consultancy experience, able to bring rich real world expertise from West and East into the classroom. With over half the class composed of C-suite executives coming from diverse geographies, industries and roles, the learning experience is interactive, collaborative and exciting.

We look forward to welcoming the next intake of our exciting EMBA programme. We have been able to attract senior leaders from across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. They represent a wide variety of industries and experience. We think that you should consider the SMU EMBA programme if you want to grow personally and professionally and contribute to your company’s growth in Asia. Join us in our innovative, diverse and memorable SMU EMBA programme!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose an Executive MBA at SMU?

SMU was established in collaboration with The Wharton School. SMU now has about 200 agreements with other partner universities. Some of the key highlights of the SMU Executive MBA (EMBA) include:

The opportunity to study in and from Professors of four top-tier B-Schools within a span of 12 months.

Designed by leaders for leaders – The EMBA Programme and curriculum has been designed with inputs from more than 100 corporate leaders across Asia.

Asian-centric emphasis – The curriculum is designed to provide business leaders with an in-depth understanding of doing business in Asia, coupled with a global perspective.

Distinctive curriculum – We offer 8 courses that are unique only to the SMU EMBA. These are courses that have been designed with input from business leaders in Asia during a roundtable meeting.

Strategic Initiative Project –You will engage in a hands-on project over the duration of the Programme investigating an issue of strategic importance to a selected company.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – The Programme highlights the importance of CSR and advocates for its integration as part of a company's culture and DNA.

Compact duration – 9 residential segments over 12 months yet ensuring academic rigour.

Why is the Programme conducted across four countries?

During the curriculum design stage of our Programme, we conducted roundtable discussions with senior leaders across Asia and the following surfaced consistently as a necessary requirement for the EMBA Programme:

Singapore's experiences in corporate governance, business ethics and efficiencies.

Doing business and accessing networks in China.

Doing business and accessing networks in India.

Understanding happenings in the West and in particular, USA.

In addition, industry insights from experts, practitioners and academics are to be included in the Programme through company visits.

Will we be visiting these countries during the Programme?

Yes, you will be spending a week each in USA, India and China and interact with the local leading professors and industry leaders. You will also get the opportunity to visit some of the leading organisations in these countries.

What are the main differences between the MBA and EMBA Programmes?

The MBA is for candidates with a minimum of two years of work experience while EMBA students will have a minimum of 10 years of work experience. Our EMBA Programme is designed for top prospects in senior management positions of their respective organisations, who intend to update their skills and knowledge with a global perspective and an Asian focus, and are interested in leading their organisations forward in business innovation.

What are the key learning outcomes for the EMBA Programme?

Our EMBA Programme has been designed to impart the latest knowledge and skills in the following areas identified as key skill sets, traits and knowledge for the future leaders of Asia:

  1. Leadership and vision
  2. Global perspective
  3. Business acumen & integrity
  4. Resource development
  5. Managing change & agility
  6. Sustainable performance
  7. Corporate social responsibilty