Top 10 MBA Programs in Latin America

Where are the Top 10 MBA programs in Latin America?

While Latin America hasn’t had the same head start in the MBA arena that other more-established regions have had, there are still a number of world-class courses available. As the region continues to develop, the courses available will only grow in prestige. Discover the top 10 MBA programs in Latin America:

1. EGADE Business School, Mexico

The highest-ranked business school in the region is EGADE in Mexico. Despite its relatively short history the institution still ranks 84th in the QS Global MBA Rankings 2018. For individual criteria, the institution ranks top in the region for thought leadership and for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes, second for employability, third for diversity and sixth for return on investment.

2. INCAE Business School, Costa Rica

Latin America’s second-best business school is located in Costa Rica. INCAE business school follows Harvard’s Case Study Method and curriculum, leading to some people referring to it as “Harvard South”. The institution is ranked joint 94th globally, and for specific criteria in Latin America, it comes first for employability, second for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes, thought leadership and for diversity, and ninth for return on investment.

3. IAE Business School, Argentina

Argentina’s premier business school is third in our regional top 10, and comes in the global 121-130 bracket. IAE has one of the biggest alumni networks in all of Latin America and attracts high caliber candidates. The institution ranks third in the region for return on investment, fourth in the region for employability and for diversity, fifth for thought leadership and ninth for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes.

4. ESAN, Peru

Fourth in our Latin American ranking is the first business school founded in the region, ESAN. The school ranks in the 131-140 bracket for business schools globally. For specific criteria, the institution tops the region’s return on investment indicator, ranks sixth for employability and for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes, as well as seventh for thought leadership and for diversity.

5. IPADE Business School, Mexico

In fifth place is the second Mexican institution in our top 10. IPADE was founded in 1967 and has produced many of the country’s top businessmen. In the Global MBA Rankings 2018 it fits inside the 131-140 bracket. For specific criteria, it ranks third for employability, fourth for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes, and eighth for return on investment, thought leadership, and for diversity.

6. Palermo, Argentina

The second Argentina-based institution on the list is the Graduate School of Business at the Universidad de Palermo, in the heart of Buenos Aires. The institution offers a unique and innovative MBA program which falls into the 151-200 global rankings bracket. For regionally specific rankings, it comes first for diversity, second for return on investment, fifth for entrepreneurship, seventh for employability, and alumni outcomes and 10th for thought leadership.

7. Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Chile

The first Chilean institution in our top 10 is Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, a private institution located in Santiago, the country's capital. The institution falls into the 151-200 bracket of business schools. The institution ranks third for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes, fourth for thought leadership, fifth for return on investment, sixth for diversity, and eighth in the region for employability.

8. Universidad de Chile, Chile

Eighth in our top 10 is the oldest university in Chile. Over 150 years old, it’s recognized throughout the region for its prestige and education quality. It ranks within the 151-200 global bracket for MBAs. Within Latin America, it ranks third for thought leadership, fifth for employability, seventh for return on investment and 10th for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes and for diversity.

9. FIA Business School, Brazil

The penultimate institution in our Latin American top 10 this year is FIA Business School in Brazil - the only Brazilian institution on the list. The university falls into the 201+ bracket in the global ranking. Regionally, it ranks fifth for diversity, sixth for thought leadership, eighth for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes, ninth for employability, and 10th for return on investment.

10. Universidad EAFIT, Colombia

The only Colombian institution on the list is Universidad EAFIT. The institution ranks in the 201+ bracket in the Global MBA Rankings 2018. Within Latin America, it comes fourth for return on investment, seventh for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes, ninth for thought leadership and for diversity, and 10th for employability.


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