Financing your MBA

Though you can expect a return, business school is an investment - so you will have to know how you will pay for it. Luckily, there are plenty of options open to candidates. Read on to learn more about financing your MBA.

5 things to keep in mind when applying for Executive MBA scholarships main image
Financing your MBA
26 Nov 2014

Five essential tips when you are filling out your Executive MBA scholarship applications to help you leverage your professional experience to stand out from the crowd. 

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Findings in executive mba survey could be the start of a trend reversing
14 Nov 2014 by Louis Lavelle

Less students self-funded EMBA programs in 2014 as company sponsorship rises, says a new survey, but is it too soon to call it a trend reversal? 

MBA scholarships in Europe
13 Nov 2014 by Tim Dhoul

Resting your MBA program plans on finding financial aid? SDA Bocconi puts an Italian perspective on the subject of MBA scholarships in Europe.

Advice and trends for MBA scholarships in Australia
23 Oct 2014 by Tim Dhoul

Looking at funding options in Asia Pacific? Melbourne Business School offers its perspective on the subject of MBA scholarships in Australia.

ROI from US schools isn't always immediate
03 Sep 2014 by Andres Turvis

Tuition fees for a two-year MBA at a top US business school are often higher than average salaries in the first year after graduation.

7 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Graduate Student Loan main image
22 Jul 2014 by John Bankston

What should you be asking yourself if you intend to get a student loan to pay for your international MBA? 

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