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EU Business School on entrepreneurship in business education
MBA Program Articles
01 May 2015

What role can business education play in helping the next generation of entrepreneurs?  

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In search of gender balance at business school
30 Apr 2015

As a UN report reveals the global pay gap, the view that gender balance at business school is about more than female student numbers is again raised.  

ADHOC Business School and its full-time MBA
31 Mar 2015

Treating each challenge as it arises, a new full-time MBA program at a new international institution reveals its plans to keep students on their toes. 

Women in business
06 Mar 2015

We spoke to four schools with high percentages of females in their MBA cohorts to find out how far they think we have really come…

Copenhagen Business School development contract interview
03 Mar 2015

Copenhagen Business School’s Christian Tangkjær explains why funding concerns won’t affect the future of its MBA program, but online technology will.

US schools
24 Feb 2015

Kaplan survey reveals that US schools believe they outperform European and Asian counterparts. 

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