Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary's University

Today's world is complex, evolving and thirsty for leadership that makes a positive difference. Paradoxes abound: business is increasingly global, but it is conducted locally. Leaders must be flexible, but employees demand consistency. We need big transformations, but want them to be made incrementally. We are required to envision and understand many futures, but know which one provides our direction. At the Sobey School of Business our mission is to prepare citizens of the world to lead sustainable, entrepreneurial businesses and communities. To do that we know that you must be able to think about paradoxes and not get immobilized by their complexity. Each day, the students and faculty at the Sobey School of Business delve into these paradoxes, and more. We research, teach, learn and seek understanding, which we then aim to bring to our communities and businesses. Sustainable and entrepreneurial are more than just buzzwords to us. We are fiercely proud of our #9 place in Corporate Knights' MBA rankings in 2012. Our students are engaged in social projects that build greenhouses, improve energy efficiency and change behaviors. Our students add value, and values.
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