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Tips and advice from admissions staff on how to get onto an MBA program at a top international business school - and how to pay for it. You can also learn more about and apply for US$1.2 million worth of QS scholarships.

MBA Admissions

Tips and advice from admissions staff from top business schools around world on how you can get onto the right MBA program for you.

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Entrace examinations the GMAT and GRE explained, plus advice on how you can the get the highest score possible.

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Financing Your MBA

An MBA is a significant investment. Find out the different ways you can cover your tuition and living costs.

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Scholarship Winners

Read the inspirational stories of these candidates, who have shown exceptional leadership and dedication.

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QS offers US$1.2 million of scholarships to exceptional MBA applicants. Read the stories of past winners here.

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Watch video content on a variety of admissions topics with the expert input of staff from a range of top schools.

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