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MBA in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is an attractive destination for MBA study within Europe – coming in at 10th worldwide for its popularity among MBA applicants over the last two years.

Indeed, approximately one in eight applicants worldwide reported interest in taking an MBA in the Netherlands in 2014, with the highest level of interest (roughly one in five) shown by candidates in Eastern Europe.

The country has a rich economic history. For example, although trading in stocks can trace its roots back far earlier – to the now defunct Republic of Venice, for one – many believe that the first stock market comparable to those we find today was opened by the Dutch East India Company in early 17th century Amsterdam. This tradition continues in recent times – since the turn of this century, Amsterdam has been one of the homes of pan-European exchange Euronext, founded as the EU brought financial markets closer together.

Fast Facts

  • Region: Europe
  • Capital: Amsterdam
  • Currency: Euro (EUR), €