Country Guide

TopMBA.com looks at how China is fast becoming a destination of choice for MBA students. 

Only one generation ago studying market-based economics and business would have been unthinkable in the People’s Republic of China. Now the country is a hotbed for business education in Asia and its top tier business schools are fast climbing the world’s MBA rankings. Out of the 40 elite business schools in Asia and Australia as listed in the QS Global Top Business Schools 2009 five schools are located in Beijing or Shanghai.

Successful transformation in a world of change is the engine that has powered China’s economy full steam ahead, right through the Global Financial Crisis, and bound for “world’s largest economy” in the future. The 2008 Beijing Olympics and the Shanghai Expo this year showed that China means business and aims for nothing less than the top. To get there the country needs superior talent, both home-grown and international. TopMBA’s Alena Eckelmann has talked to some movers and shakers in the Chinese MBA scene to get their take on the latest trends.