Country Guide

The UK is a heavyweight in the world of higher education, and one of Europe’s biggest hitters in the world of business. It’s unsurprising, therefore, that its business schools hold a level of international cachet matched by few nations among the world.

The MBA in the UK

While the country’s imminent departure from the European Union has caused a degree of uncertainty in the business world, it seems safe to say the country’s institutions of business education will continue to be esteemed among the world’s best, and that the nation itself will remain a significant business hub in Europe.

An MBA in the UK remains a favorite of prospective MBAs, according to the QS TopMBA.com Applications & Aspirations 2018 report, ranking only behind the US.

While London looms large over the nation’s business landscape, there are plenty of prestigious options across this island nation – all with connections to the myriad opportunities offered by one of only two Alpha ++ global cities (according to the Globalization and World Cities Research Network).