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New Zealand is the fifth-most popular country outside of Europe for pursuing an MBA (after the US, Canada, Australia and Singapore). It’s no surprise either, due to its proximity to emerging global business hubs in Asia-Pacific, which may be of particular interest to any MBA prospects hoping to secure jobs in places like Hong Kong and Singapore.

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Why study an MBA in New Zealand?

New Zealand also promises excellent climate and natural beauty that was deemed worthy of providing the settings for blockbuster movie franchise, The Lord of the Rings. Ifits photogenic landscapes aren’t enough to inspire you, perhaps New Zealand’s urban centers, which add a dose of cosmopolitan lifestyle, will be!


Queensland, New Zealand


While business schools in New Zealand can sometimes get overshadowed by the larger number of options on offer in neighboring Australia, the antipodean nation has reputable MBA programs that offer relatively small class sizes and environments conducive to affordable study. 

University of Otago - Otago Business School

Located in Dunedin on the South Island’s southeast coast, Otago Business School finds its home in New Zealand’s oldest university, which was established in 1869. The school offers a one-year full-time MBA focused on hands-on learning through practical applications. The Otago MBA also offers its students exchange opportunities for those who wish to gain experience in other countries, such as Denmark (Copenhagen Business School), Mexico (ITAM) or France (Grenoble École de Management). Online and part-time MBA programs are also available.


Otago Business School


The University of Auckland Business School

Attached to New Zealand’s largest university and located in its largest city, the University of Auckland Business School offers a part-time MBA aimed at working professionals and entrepreneurs. Students can take a weekend or weeknight option depending on which is more suited to their existing commitments. The school prides itself on having close ties with local and international companies, something which could be especially beneficial to MBA students interested in remaining in New Zealand after graduation. Indeed, a 2016 study performed by the Economist Intelligence Unit, listed Auckland in the world’s top 10 most livable cities (in 8th place). QS’s own 2016 ranking of the world’s leading urban destinations for international students listed Auckland in the top 20. With accolades like this, who wouldn’t want to stick around after graduation? 


Auckland, New Zealand


The return on investment for graduates of an MBA in New Zealand

It’s no surprise that New Zealand is a popular destination for professionals pursuing graduate degrees in business – employers there are some of the most generous. The base average salary for MBA graduates in New Zealand, as reported by employer respondents in a 2015 QS report, sits at a whopping US$145,000 (+US$10,000 average annual bonus) – the highest in the world. Switzerland and Australia trail behind (with annual base salaries of US$131,100 and US$124,800, respectively). While we we must factor New Zealand’s size into this equation, something which dictates a relatively small number of respondents in comparison to the world’s larger markets, this is an extremely healthy finding nonetheless.

Indeed, Asia-Pacific as a whole offers a fertile MBA job market due to its recent growth in technology and professional and consulting services sectors. As a study destination, it appears to be most appealing to candidates from Latin America, as seen in the results of a 2015 QS survey of MBA applicants.