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Europe is home to some of world’s most popular destinations in which to study an MBA and is a region in which the one-year format of the qualification is the norm rather than the exception (although, in reality, one can find programs lasting anywhere between 10 and 16 months). Shorter programs equate to a quicker payback time on your initial investment, as a general rule, but may not always be able to offer the same type of experience as their longer, two-year counterparts.

MBA Programs in Western Europe

Over intervening decades, some of the best business schools emerged in Western Europe. Many of these business schools, as with their North American cousins, are associated schools within universities and offer courses including the MBA alongside targeted master’s degrees in specialized subjects such as accounting, finance, marketing or international business. Private business schools also emerged in later years, providing bespoke education unaffiliated to the formal university structure in most Western European countries. The European MBA degree generally differs from the US model in a few major ways. To begin with, though there are always exceptions, European MBAs are usually one year in length, compared with the two-year MBA degree normally found States-side.

MBA Programs: Central and Eastern Europe

Think global and zoom in on one of the fastest changing markets in the world. Business schools from Central and Eastern Europe are emerging as the place to be for both local and international MBA candidates. Over the last two decades, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) has established an increasing demand for management expertise, which is reflected in the growth of institutions offering MBA programs and related master's degrees. The advantage here is an education that is tied closely to the practicalities and culture of doing business in the region's diverse markets.