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The business world of today is rapidly growing and changing, and a lot of that is due to developing technology. As businesses, organizations, and companies continue to evolve, the need to collect, process and distribute information efficiently becomes even more pressing.  

Students who choose to undertake an MBA in information management will learn the necessary skills to excel by building on their knowledge of information databases, data processing software systems, and analysis and quantitative measuring methods.

Effective information management is key for the successful growth of any organization. An MBA in Information Management will nurture knowledgeable and capable executives who will become managers in the IT / computing industry, or in companies in other sectors. 

What is an MBA in Information Management?

An MBA in Information Management combines business and technology studies to help students learn how to work with large amounts of data, create secure networks, and build competent software for customers.

What You Need to Study an MBA in Information Management

As an MBA promises to help develop your skills (and teach you new ones), it doesn't matter whether you come from an IT background or not.

Generally, most b-schools will require the following:

  • Three to five years of professional experience (although this can vary)
  • An undergraduate degree
  • A good GMAT/GRE score
  • Employers’ recommendation

MBA in Information Management – Course Content

Classes in an MBA in information management may include:

  • IT management
  • Telecommunications
  • Database management
  • Operations management
  • Digital commerce

Group projects in information systems will play an important role in your studies, and students can expect to undertake a relevant internship to enhance knowledge and learning in the field. 

Once graduated, MBAs will be able to drive strategic planning and implementation for organizations, and also collect and analyze data necessary to address organizational challenges.

For the second year in a row, MIT Sloan School of Management has been ranked as the best business school for specializing in information management. The full top 10 can be found below.

1) MIT Sloan School of Management

2) Michigan Ross School of Business

3) The Kellogg School of Management

4=) Harvard Business School

4=) Hass School of Business

6) The Wharton School

7) Stanford Graduate School of Business

8) NYU Stern School of Business

9) Judge Business School

10) London Business School

Top Careers to Pursue with an MBA in Information Management

Information management careers span the full spectrum, allowing many exciting opportunities for new roles.

Here are some of the top jobs MBAs can land after their specialization:

  • Project Manager
  • Business Development Director
  • Marketing Manager
  • Corporate Strategy Manager
  • Analytics Manager
  • System Manager
  • Data Processing Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • IT Manager
  • IT Consultant
  • IT Director
  • Chief Technology Officer


Here are some of the top-tier information management positions with the highest average salaries you could land after your MBA, according to PayScale:

  • Chief Technology Officer: US$161,674
  • Information Technology Director: US$120,723
  • Business Development Director: US$104,367
  • Analytics Manager: US$95,210
  • Information Technology Manager: US$88,424