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Business Masters
29 Apr 2020

Wondering whether a master’s in global management is the right degree for you? Find out here. 

TOPMBA Business Masters by date
escp business school l'óreal project MSc
A number of business schools have had to shift to online learning to keep their programs going - ESCP has done just that with its annual Bigger Picture project for MSc students.
ESCP Business School Dean Looks to the Future of Europe main image
Frank Bournois, Dean of ESCP Business School talks about the innovative Designing Europe seminar and what the future holds for ESCP's Master's in Management students in Europe.
ESCP Business School MiM event at European Parliament, Brussels
ESCP Business School's Master's in Management (MiM) students took part in a very elaborate roleplay at European Parliamant in Brussels - and I was able to witness it firsthand. 
The Evolution of Christmas Marketing main image
Christmas marketing continues to get bigger and bigger each year. But where did it all start?
Four Top Schools Launch Exchange Program for Master’s in Management Students main image
Do you have big dreams to study abroad during your master's in management program? Look no further than the Global MiM Network associated with four top global business calls.