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Australia has, in the last century and a half, transformed into a country that takes pride in its status as a vibrant, multicultural economic powerhouse. For the last quarter of a century, the nation has remained immune to economic recession and recorded two decades of unfaltering growth. As an MBA study destination Australia trumps many a country competitor, having the English language as a mainstay and Asia-Pacific as its vantage point.

Choosing your vantage point

Respondents taking the QS Applicant Survey 2015 placed Australia in fourth position among the world’s most popular MBA study destinations, at the heels of Anglophone partners, the US, UK and Canada.

There are certainly plenty of options for MBA study in the country. In the QS Global MBA Rankings 2018, five out of the top 20 full-time MBA programs across the region of Asia-Pacific are located in Australia.   



Australia is also home to sea, sand, kangaroos and sun, while paying out some of the highest post-MBA salaries in the world. Find out more in the QS Jobs & Salary Trends Report 2018.

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Four leaders in Australian MBA education

AGSM, University of New South Wales


The Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) at the University of New South Wales Business School offers innovative, experiential, world-class MBA programs designed to equip a new generation of leaders to make an impact in an accelerated world.

Based in Sydney Australia and with over 45 years of leadership experience, AGSM @ UNSW Business School programmes taught by internationally recognised academics and Executives-in-Residence from leading corporate and government organisations. 

Students are immersed in active learning experiences and are exposed to practical skills and tools they can immediately apply to real-world business problems. Combining the latest thinking and best practice within an outcome-focused problem-solving environment. 

AGSM students also have access to a rich global network of over 18,000 AGSM alumni who are recognised international business leaders in their industries.

Melbourne Business School, the University of Melbourne

Melbourne Business School

Situated in the world's most liveable city, according to a 2016 study by the Economist, Melbourne Business School (MBS) is one of Asia-Pacific’s most reputable business schools, on the basis of QS’s most recent regional MBA rankings. The school is about to transform its Carlton campus, aiming to place state-of-the-art learning facilities at an arm's length from Melbourne's premier knowledge district and the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

College of Business and Economics, Australian National University (ANU)

The College of Business and Economics at the Australian National University (ANU) is situated minutes away from the heart of Canberra and offers an MBA course that is designed to facilitate a good level of interaction among participants, with between 20 to 60 individuals in each class or seminar. Students also have the opportunity to work with businesses in and around Canberra as well as throughout the country.

Monash Business School

Monash Business School aims to place as much emphasis on professional development and building the leadership skills of participants as it does on nurturing academic business and commercial expertise. MBA students in the program also embark on experiential projects in technology development, strategy, and entrepreneurship, with an international business project and strategy capstone rounding off the Monash MBA journey.

Further opportunities to study an MBA in Australia

It's impossible to cover every university in the region. Below, in no particular order, is a list of more great business schools in Australia, and even this is not exhaustive!

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ROI of an MBA in Australia

Countries in Asia-Pacific have seen steady growth in MBA salary levels in recent years. Within the region, Australia is now home to the highest salaries on offer to MBA graduates, according to the QS  Jobs & Salary Trends Report 2018



On average MBA graduates in Australia earn US$98,400 per annum, excluding a snug bonus of US$17,800. 

Also noteworthy is the fact that the costs of doing an MBA in Australia can be highly competitive, when compared to those on offer from the most prestigious business schools in the US and Western Europe. With so many pros to studying an MBA in Australia, refuting the country as an excellent MBA study destination is simply impracticable.